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Lunan Seiko technology exploration -- how to adjust the tightness of CNC lathe slide plate

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  • Release time: 2022-05-18


Slip plate adjustment insert gap can be opened protective cover can see slide plate end face adjustment screw.

Screw clearance adjustment method:

There is a double nut where the feed table is connected to the screw. Adjust the double nuts. Tighten the adjusting nut properly. Then the new reverse clearance is measured with a dial indicator, and the obtained value is input into the parameters of the system controlling the reverse clearance according to the requirements specified by the system.

1. First determine the type of screw. In general, the screw is divided into T type screw and ball screw. Now most of them are ball screws, but some low-end CNC lathes use T-shaped screws. The following takes ball screw alignment as an example:

2. Determine the cause of the lead screw clearance. If the lead screw is loose, the alignment method can be properly adjusted as follows:

The silk is a two-section type with a pre-tight gasket in the middle, the two sections of the silk and the silk tightly fixed together;

If the lead screw clearance caused by wear should be careful, because the wear is not uniform wear. It is possible that the used part is worn more seriously, and the very used part is worn less. If this is the case, the washer can only be modified according to the conditions and compensated by the lead screw compensation parameters.


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