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High temperature weather is coming, how to maintain the machine tool in summer?

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  • Release time: 2022-04-07


Every year into the middle of May, the weather will begin to slowly become hot, high temperature, humid, muggy weather frequent. Generally in the hot summer CNC machine tool work scene can reach 50℃, in order to extend the service life of CNC machine tools, ensure the accuracy of equipment processing, prevent machine failures, affect the normal production and operation, summer high temperature maintenance of machine tools is very important. In this regard, Shandong Lunan Seiko machinery according to the machine tool maintenance experience over the years, to sum up some of the summer how to maintain the machine tool program, I hope you can understand some of the machine tool maintenance related knowledge.
1, at the beginning of summer, the full inspection hot weather at the beginning of a full machine inspection, maintenance, lubrication, heat dissipation, ventilation, electrical cabinet dust removal work. It can avoid the failure caused by high temperature weather, typhoon and rain, precision misalignment and other safety accidents, and can reduce the cost loss.
2. Clean and check the electric control cabinet. Clean the dust and air filter in the electric control cabinet. Check whether the fan runs normally to avoid aging, oxidation, and insufficient heat dissipation of electrical components. Customers who do not have conditions to install air conditioning in the workshop can choose to use electric fans to accelerate heat dissipation.
3, various moving parts of the lubrication CNC rail bearing load, is the basis of machine accuracy. The coolant on the worktable is easy to lose, easy to smell, in high temperature environment will promote the oxidation of the guide rail, affecting the precision of the machine tool.
4, cutting fluid maintenance in summer hot weather, water in the air is relatively sufficient, which provides a good rapid "growth" natural conditions for the breeding of bacteria.
1) Use high-quality and stable cutting fluid.

2) The concentrate prepared with pure water is not only easy to prepare, but also can improve the lubricity of the cutting fluid, reduce the amount taken away by chips, and prevent bacterial erosion.

3) When using, the ratio of concentrated liquid in cutting fluid should not be too low, otherwise it is easy to make bacteria grow.

4) As there are bacteria in the oil used in the machine tool, it is necessary to reduce the oil leakage from the machine tool mixed with the cutting fluid as much as possible.

5) When the pH value of cutting fluid is between 8.3 and 9.2, it is difficult for bacteria to survive, so new cutting fluid should be added in time to improve the pH value.

6) Keep the cutting fluid clean, do not make the cutting fluid and dirty oil, food, tobacco and other dirt contact.

7) Use fungicides frequently.

8) Keep the workshop and machine tools clean.

9) If there is no filter device, the oil slick should be skimmed regularly to remove dirt.

Before the hot summer is coming, if we strictly in accordance with the above steps, the maintenance of their machine tool equipment again, then our machine tool equipment will be able to more calmly face the hot summer processing tasks, and we have more of a rest assured and at ease. Let's get moving.


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