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Lunan Seiko on the first payment after delivery, to the customer a reason

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  • Release time: 2022-04-13

When doing business, I often meet a kind of customer that is, you do it first, I will give you money when the goods arrive, and I will give you money when the installation and debugging are finished. It seems very logical from the buyer's point of view, but from the seller's point of view, it is completely different. Credibility! Is a person, a company to develop the basic competitiveness.
Lunan Seiko give customers a reason to pay first after delivery:
1. Payment to delivery can let customers carefully consider the quantity and type of purchase, not disorderly purchase. If you can debt, you may not consider the demand of the market, random purchase.
2. Payment upon delivery can make customers more careful to sell goods. For example: It is snowing today, we will go to see the movie ticket for 100 yuan, because we spent money on it. If they were free, they might not go. They didn't cost anything, so it doesn't matter if they throw it away.
3. Delivery on payment will make our relationship better! Cash customers must be our cherished customers, we will retain customers with greater preferential efforts.
4. If a client can default with us, he can default with his client. It doesn't hurt his cash flow, because if his clients can't pay him, he can't pay you. You hurry also useless, hurry hurry he will blame you credit for his goods!
5. The beginning of credit sets the stage for future customer offense and loss. How many cooperative relations from the beginning of polite, understanding, support, trust, into urging accounts, dragging accounts, hiding accounts, turn, scold, trouble into a lawsuit.
So at the beginning of the cooperation to ask for, not afraid to do this business. Excessively lower the bottom line to lose the principle, the result is both financial loss. We respect and cherish every timely checkout customers, even if the amount is not large, the quality requirements are also high, but timely checkout is a greater reputation and wealth. Credibility! Is a person, a company to develop the basic competitiveness.
We hope we can understand each other's understanding of the machine tools and equipment before they are delivered.
I don't want to lose you as a friend
I don't want us to be enemies in the future

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